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Neck Pain

Man working with neck painWith the increase in electronics use in our society, we have seen an increase in the number of patients suffering with neck pain. “Tech neck” is not just from the time spent on computers and cell phones. Constantly looking down or holding the phone between your ear and shoulder creates a forward head posture, and puts an enormous strain on the ligaments and cervical spine.

Poor posture puts pressure not only on the spine and ligaments, but also forces muscles to compensate, especially the trapezius. Disc issues in the cervical spine may also cause neck pain.

Whiplash and Other Injuries

Anyone who has been in an auto accident has likely suffered a whiplash injury. It has been shown that collisions at speeds as low as 5 mph have experienced this condition. When the motion of the body suddenly stops, it is violently thrust forward, backward, and even sideways.

The connection between the skull and Atlas (C1) is often compromised, resulting in stress on the neck, shoulders, back and other areas. Symptoms don’t always show up immediately, but when they do, they may include headaches, muscle spasms, pain in the shoulders, neck, and radiating down the arms.

Sports are another potential source of neck injuries, with an increase in concussions and spinal injuries. At Midwest Sport and Spine, we offer a full range of services to help relieve the pain, nerve irritation, inflammation, and more. Once your pain is gone, we’ll work with you to rehab the injury, and improve muscle strength and stability to prevent future recurrence.

Work Environment

Improper ergonomics at the office may also play a part in neck pain. Many work situations are not optimal, causing neck strain, forward head posture, back strain, hunched shoulders, and more. We offer recommendations to improve your work setup, take strain off your neck, and provide some relief.

Assessing Your Pain

Our doctor will first do an X-ray of the cervical spine to determine whether structure plays a role in the weakness patterns we see. The physical exam consists of a chiropractic evaluation, orthopedic and neurological testing, and range of motion tests.

The care plan is based on the results of the exams and testing. In most cases, it involves chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue work. There may also be postural work, traction, physical therapy and/or rehabilitation work to address weak muscles and stop compensation by other muscles.

Some people have been led to believe neck adjustments are dangerous. We assure our patients of their safety, citing many research studies. Our expert skills and experience allow us to safely create good movement within the problem joints and get rid of your pain.

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