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New Patients

Midwest Sport and Spine has a warm, comfortable atmosphere. When you walk in, you’ll feel cared about and know you’re in the right place to get the outcomes you want.

If you have any X-rays, ultrasounds, CTs or MRI images taken within the last two years, please bring them with you. You can arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork or access these forms online and bring them in completed.

Getting Started

Your provider will meet with you to discuss your problems and determine how you can best be treated through our treatments. Next, you will receive a thorough examination consisting of orthopedic, neurological, physical and chiropractic tests. X-rays may be used to thoroughly evaluate your condition.

Your provider will be able to determine if you have a condition that may be contradictory to treatment. If not, we will perform some sort of treatment to start managing your pain. Your initial visit with us takes about an hour.

Your Second Visit

Time will be taken to study your history, examination and X-rays. Afterward, we’ll meet with you to discuss the recommended course of action in conjunction with your particular goals. Your insurance coverage information will be detailed to you, and you’ll receive another treatment. This visit takes 20-30 minutes.


Since we offer a combination of options for treatment, your regular visits can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 90, depending on what you require.

Contact Our Friendly Team

We’re here to take your call or answer your email. Contact us now! Same-day visits are available.


New Patients at Midwest Sport and Spine | (317) 776-1061