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About Us

Midwest Sport and Spine was established in our community back in 1990. In 2003, Dr. Abraham Beaber took over, progressing and growing the clinic. Staff and services have been added to make Midwest Sport and Spine the premier sports rehabilitation clinic in the Hamilton County area and the entire state of Indiana.

Musculoskeletal Conditions and Sports Care

We’re proud to be the area’s trusted expert for musculoskeletal-related health conditions. When it comes to sports injuries and sports performance, we’re the experts you can turn to. Our practitioners have earned various sports medicine certifications and degrees, so you can feel confident we have the qualifications you need to recover and reach your peak performance.

The Solutions You Need

Our practitioners are extremely thorough in what they do. Getting you the proper diagnosis is the only way to apply the treatment options that will pinpoint the cause of your problem. We’ll start there, then recommend a combination of different modalities that will benefit you most. Our treatment plans will address your specific condition so that you can get the results you want.

Get to Where You Want to Be

We’ve seen numerous cases where people went to other chiropractors or physical therapists in our area for challenging conditions such as disc-related issues. The evaluation process we put each patient through allows us to land on the correct diagnosis, then apply the appropriate therapy. It’s made all the difference for our patients, who love to refer other people to us thanks to the success they’ve had.

Flexible Appointments

Your visits with us can be conveniently fitted into your busy schedule. There are same-day appointments and late opening hours available.

Use Your Insurance Coverage

We are in-network providers with nearly all insurances. Take advantage of your coverage with us. Contact our health center now to book your first appointment!

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